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Stand on electric pallet stacker CDD15/20/25

Stand on electric pallet stacker CDD15/20/25

Name: Full-electric pallet stacker Loading Capacity: 1500KG-2500KG Lifting Height: 1600MM-5500MM Model: 15/20/25 Color: Red/Green/Customized Accepts Customization: Yes
Product Details


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1, CURTIS electronic control, multiple automatic protection system controller.

2, Without frequent adjustment, the damping spring can actively adjust the vertical driving unit according to the road conditions, reduce the impact on the driving unit, balance the force on the driving balance wheel, and improve the smooth operation efficiency.

3, High quality hydraulic system with buffer, low noise, small vibration, good sealing, stable and reliable lifting and lowering.

4, AC drive, no carbon brush, maintenance free, efficient motor, precise control, strong power output.

5, As a standard configuration, the emergency power-off switch can cut off all the power supply by pressing the emergency stop button. The car stops immediately or cuts off power quickly in case of emergency, providing safety protection.

6, Multi functional handle, integrated control (acceleration, horn, emergency anti-collision, lifting button), human-machine design and operation more comfortable.

7, Wide view design of gantry, special channel steel, high strength.

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