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Forklift Summer Application FAQ

July 26, 2022

Under the high temperature and high and low temperature standards, the average temperature is high, and the high temperature weather will also cause great harm to the personal safety of the driver.

Under the high temperature of the internal combustion forklift, the poorer the heat rejection characteristics of the diesel engine, the higher the temperature, which will affect its driving force and rationality.

It is very easy to cause the water storage tank "boiling", the software of the fuel supply system to be blocked, the battery "deficient", the hydraulic brake system to be inoperative due to the swelling and deformation of the leather cup, and the standard air pressure of the tires along with the external climate warming. Produce engineering blasting, etc.

Under high temperature, high and low temperature conditions, the grease (grease) of each part of the forklift is very easy to thin, and the wetting performance is reduced, resulting in increased damage to the parts of the large load machine.

Because of the high average temperature and mosquito bites. Therefore, it is very easy to experience physical exhaustion and inactivity at work, which is detrimental to work safety.

There are more thunderstorms due to the ground. There is water in the loading and unloading site, the adhesive force is reduced, and it is very easy to slide sideways, which endangers the safety of forklifts, workers and goods.